BMW MOTORRAD Replaces Footrests From the Accessory Selection

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad replaces footrests from the accessory selection

Affected customers are aseked to contact an authorised BMW Motottad Retailer for the exchange.

Over the course of its market monitoring obligation, BMW Motorrad as determined that stress corrosion cracks may occur on the studs on certain milled footrests from the accessory selection for the GS models in some cases.


For this reason, BMW Motorrad is offering the exchange of these parts with footrests that have a modified material composition free of charge as part of a worldwide campaign to all customers who purchased footrests with the following part numbers.

  • 77 25 2 452 958           Footrest adjustable, left, black solid
  • 77 25 2 452 960           Footrest adjustable, right, black solid
  • 77 25 2 465 256           Set of footrests adjustable, black solid

The accessory footrests were offered for the models

  • R 1200/1250 GS
  • R 1200/1250 GS Adventure
  • F 750 GS
  • F 850 GS
  • F 850 GS Adventure

Affected customers are asked to contact an authorised BMW Motorrad Retailer for the exchange.


In cases where an exchange cannot be offered to a customer, BMW is offering the removal of the retrofit/conversion to standard equipment and reimbursement of the purchase price in form of a coupon.


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